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FEATURED! Welcome to Dr. Rob’s Science Fact & Fiction Showcase Contents:

Dr. Robert E. Hampson (also writing as Tedd Roberts) puts the Science in Science Fiction!

As a neuroscientist researcher, educator & writer, he advises SF authors, TV writers and game developers. See Dr. Rob’s involvement in Science and Science Fiction in action!

Scientist, author, educator: Dr. Robert E. Hampson, teaches and writes science and hard-SF while working to develop the first prosthetic for human memory using the brain's native neural codes.  He advises SF/F writers, game developers and TV writers and is considered by many to be the most likely scientist to create a Zombie Apocalypse!”

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Homo Stellaris:

Becoming the People of the Stars.

Every Seven Minutes: The science of sleep and dreaming.

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Black Tide Rising and The Good, The Bad, and the Merc are now out, and Dr. Rob has novelettes in the anthologies!


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