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The links below represent friends of Teddy, and sites of which Teddy is a fan. The list is eclectic, and Teddy makes no claims as to content.  

Many of the authors featured here are published by Baen Books.  Baen’s Bar is home to the Barfly discussion groups.  Baen eBooks are the best deal in electronic publishing!

Depository of wit and fun from the Barflies and Sarah Hoyt, The Pantry provides an archive of “Diner Fiction” and resources.

Links for SF/F authors featured here: John Ringo, Michael Z. Williamson, Tom Kratman, Sarah A. Hoyt, Larry Correia. Stephanie Osborn

Featured Science Fiction, Fantasy and popular media conventions:  StellarCon, RavenCon, LibertyCon, ConGregate, Dragon*Con.

Several of the videos featured here are represented at Tedd Roberts’ YouTube channel.

The Cruxshadows:Featured in TMOG:TM.  Yeah, a Goth band, but listen to the words.  It’s about heroes and taking a stand for what you believe.  

Two Steps From Hell:  Epic “Movie Trailer “ style music

Some of Teddy’s favorites: Day by Day; Girl Genius; Schlock Mercenary; The Whiteboard; XKCD; Surviving the World; Dr. McNinja; Delta Sierra Bravo

Knollwood Baptist Church has a lively and energetic music ministry, including chorus, handbells and a brass ensemble.